I made my very first 'real' (and very brief!) media appearance in 2012, as a rather shy young academic, in Neil Oliver's BBC documentary about Vikings. Since then, I've been interviewed for a number of publications and have advised on two feature films, including The Northman, and several documentaries. I really enjoy communicating knowledge about the Viking era to the public, whether speaking myself or as a historical consultant. Below is a list of my media work and appearances.


Historical consulting for The Northman

I was one of the two main consultants on The Northman (2022), directed by Robert Eggers and co-written by him and the Icelandic author Sjón.

I advised on both the material and abstract aspects of the world of the Vikings. It was an enormous pleasure to have the opportunity to convey Norse history, mythology and literary themes to a modern audience in a different medium from what I usually work within, and to collaborate with such accomplished film makers. 

Historical consulting for a major feature film.

In progress.

Historical consulting for Viking Women: The Crying Bones, a film by Ash Thayer

This groundbreaking film weaves together the stories of women who are active on the modern Viking reenactment scene in Denmark with those of historical Viking women.

In progress.

Vikings (BBC, UK)

September, 2012

In 2012, the BBC broadcast a three-part documentary about Vikings presented by Neil Oliver. I was interviewed about the Vikings' myths and beliefs, Thor in particular. I also showed Neil an ancient Icelandic manuscript containing Snorri Sturluson's Edda, one of our main sources for Norse mythology.


History Extra (BBC)

I have contributed several articles about Vikings to the History Extra magazine and website.

History Today Magazine (UK)

April 30, 2020

I look at a Viking poem about a famous Norwegian battle, especially what part the valkyries played in it (spoiler: they decided who won and who died). I explain what the figure meant for the Vikings, and why we find different portrayals of valkyries - as either severe and warlike or romantic and beautiful.

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Audio version.

All about History Magazine (UK)

April 23, 2020

I was interviewed by Jonathan Gordon about valkyries. We chatted about their varied depictions in Norse mythology and what they might have meant to warriors and other people in the Viking Age.

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New Books Network

June 11, 2020

Jennifer Eremeeva interviewed me for the New Books Network - we covered Viking women in legend and reality from a variety of perspectives.

Explore the New Books Network here and listen to the episode here.

Saga Thing

June 21, 2020

John, Andy and I had a great time talking about sagas, Norse poetry and female characters, interdisciplinary research, how to use medieval sagas as historical sources and a lightning round of our favourite saga heroines!

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History of the Vikings

April 29, 2020

Noah and I discuss the goddess Freyja and women's religion in the Viking Age, women settlers, and lots more.

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Myth, Legend and Lore podcast

April 15, 2020

Siobhán Clark and I talked widely about Viking women in life and legend, including 'the mythology of the valkyrie, memorable women from the sagas, the reality of life in the Viking Age & why these women continue to enthral us to this day!'

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History Extra Podcast (BBC)

April 3, 2020

David Musgrove and I covered a wide range of topics related to Vikings in general and women specifically. We especially hit it off with the question of sails on Viking ships, the production of textiles and women's work!

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History Hit with Dan Snow

April 1, 2020

Dan Snow and I talked about valkyries, shield-maidens and the question of Viking women warriors, as well as the likely origins of the settlers of Iceland.

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Hidden Histories with Helen Carr

April 29, 2020

A conversation with historian Helen Carr touching on the mythical valkyries and shield-maidens, and what they can tell us about the Vikings. We explored whether gender was fluid in the Viking culture and chatted about daily life, including where to go if you want to see some of the Vikings' most important sites!

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History, eh?

May 13, 2020

A discussion with Rosie Parent, host of the podcast History, eh?, which is based in Ontario, Canada. We went all over the place and had a long discussion about women in Norse sagas and poetry, history and archaeology...

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WarScholar with Cris Alvarez

May 12, 2020

Cris Alvarez and I talked about valkyries, Viking poetry and other sources, shield-maidens and the question of Viking women warriors. Also mentioned are sailing, ships and sails, crafts, riding and much more

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History of the Vikings

April, 2018

I was interviewed by Noah Tetzner about women in the Viking Age, touching on everything from shield-maidens in legend to consent in marriage, and much more.

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The Rise of the Valkyrie

Novemter 25, 2020

Video presentation for the University of York / York Ideas online lecture series. The talk starts with valkyries, discussing some of the sources in which they appear and the variety of representations. I then move on to a few historical women and the diverse roles and lives of Viking women in reality.

Video chat with Dr Jackson Crawford and his supporters

April 15, 2020

We talked about Viking women in sagas, myths and real life, and we also touched on the medieval law code I am currently editing. I loved answering the questions posed by the audience and I thought they produced some very lively discussion between us all!

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